John-Paul and Craig are feeling distinctly uneasy with each other at the dance-off contest, and Craig takes the edge of his nerves by sipping some smuggled-in alcohol, becoming very tipsy as the night goes on. Later, he’s so drunk that he gives in to John-Paul’s advances and the pair share a kiss.

Excited about the dance-off, Hannah and Sarah try to tempt Nancy into coming along. But Nancy’s appearance only serves to dampen their spirits when she gives Hannah and Sarah grief for acting so loved up with their boyfriends.

Elsewhere, Calvin confronts Sonny with news that he’s seen the DVD footage of him beating up a drunk at The Loft, and the brothers worry that Warren could use the footage against them. Calvin tries the tough love approach with Sonny, which seems to work – but does Sonny feel any remorse for what he’s done?

And Max is relieved to see the back of Clare but sad to see the Loft go. Meanwhile, Clare is still racking up the enemies and, basking in her new role as manager of the Loft, wastes no time in putting Warren in his place.

Missing baby Charlie, Becca is finding life in prison increasingly difficult and finds comfort in fellow inmate Jacqui, and new cellmate, Fran, helping Jacqui with her reading skills and Fran to read and write.
* Screened on TV3, Tuesday 9th January *