John Paul makes it his mission to infuriate Ste at the careers day by undermining him in front of the students. Ste struggles to contain his emotions but it’s clear he’s wound up by Doug’s new acquaintance. Later, the pair end up fighting in the back of the deli van.

Darren fails to turn up to Oscar’s consultant appointment, which only sours Nancy’s mood further – he’s well and truly in the dog-house. Later, chaos continues to reign in the Osborne household as Nancy is forced to confront her worst nightmare, but there more heartache yet to come.

The McQueens are penniless and in dire need of furniture, desperate times call for desperate measures! Jacqui spies a flyer “cleaners needed!” – this could be the answer she’s been looking for. However, she already knows the interviewer, Trudy, from her prison days.

Also, Cindy finds a place to live but it’s horrible and Holly tells her mother about her new career choice, rinsing – like mother, like daughter!