John Paul and Ste marry at Christmas!

It’s Christmas Day and John Paul and Ste are set to tie the knot but the McQueens worry when they realise John Paul and Lockie are AWOL. As it’s revealed the two runaways have been driven to a remote location, Ste is released from custody and knows he’s messed up for the last time. John Paul and Lockie manage to hitch a ride with some rugby players, including Ben Foden, while Ste assumes the wedding is off and tells Leah and Lucas they’re going to Rhyl on holiday.

Porsche, Leela and Tegan stop Ste just in time – John Paul is on his way home and the wedding’s back on! As Ste waits at the church for his husband-to-be, outside, John Paul, Lockie and the team of rugby players arrive. The wedding goes ahead with a hitch – but will there be drama at the reception?

Meanwhile, Tony’s hosting Christmas dinner for Dirk, Cindy, Darren, Holly and Tom. In the morning, Tony asks Sinead whether the baby is his, but he’s not convinced by her answer so later, as everyone sits down to dinner, Tony chooses his moment to confront Sinead, demanding the truth. After dinner, Holly is overwhelmed when Cindy surprises her with a car. Later, Holly helps Dirk to return the favour for her mum.

Elsewhere, Dodger worries when Sienna keeps talking about the ‘special celebration’ that they’re going to have and is horrified when she enters the basement in a wedding dress. Dodger persuades her to delay her plans but, when he won’t kiss Sienna, she explodes with anger. Dodger calms her down and tells her the story of the perfect Christmases they would have had if they’d never been separated. Dodger promises to help her, if she’ll just let him go.

Dodger drives Sienna to the hospital but there’s a sudden flurry of snow. Sienna’s car hits something in the road and Dodger is knocked unconscious…