John Paul and Ste’s stag dos don’t go to plan

It’s Ste and John Paul’s Nineties-themed stag dos. They both turn up as Ginger Spice, Theresa is Baby Spice and Porsche is Posh Spice, while Myra gets it wrong by turning up as Boy George. At The Loft are Leela (Madonna), Tegan (Britney Spears) and Lockie, who tries to persuade Ste to have a drink – will Ste resist temptation?

Later, John Paul and Lockie are on the run from the law and end up hiding in the back of a lorry, which drives off with them, and a turkey, in the back. Meanwhile, a police officer mistakes Ste for John Paul and arrests him. Will they make it to the church on time?

Elsewhere, Tegan encourages Tony to try harder to find Diane and the twins. Tony takes Tegan’s advice to new heights when he climbs to the top of the arch to attract attention, but falls off into the manger that has been built in the village. Dr S’avage takes him to hospital, where Tony discovers a heartbreaking truth…

Also, Holly is heartbroken when Jason breaks up with her, unaware her mother Cindy is behind his change of heart.