*First episode*
Sarah is worried after seeing Craig punch John-Paul at the club last night and tells him that Hannah should under no circumstances find out about John-Paul’s crush on her. Later in the village, Hannah is heartbroken when he lets slip his true feelings for Sarah.

Clare’s being probed at the police station over Max’s disappearance but toughs it out, standing her ground in her interview. Meanwhile, OB is devastated to learn that his friend may be dead and finds himself emotionally sorting through Max’s things.

Sasha is determined to snag Justin and sets out to seduce him despite his resistance. Justin finally gives in to her advances, but the pair are almost caught snogging by Calvin!

Calvin is thrilled to see Louise back in town after a fantastic holiday in the Maldives, but his bumbling welcome fails to impress her. However, Louise is full of news about a hot holiday romance and fills Carmel in on the juicy details, while Warren is intrigued by her uncharacteristic chirpiness. But her enthusiasm is dampened when she calls her holiday beau and gets some unexpected news.

Also, Sonny’s not having much luck offloading some dodgy festive gear.

*Second episode*
Dominic and Tony are concerned when OB offers to take care of Il Gnosh to take his mind off Max’s apparent death. But keeping busy doesn’t help him with his grief either as OB continues to mourn his friend. Later, after a chat with Tom, OB decides to fulfil a belated Christmas wish.

Hot property Louise has some important decisions to make when Warren and Calvin both ask her out, but Carmel advises her to consider her options carefully as the stars indicate huge repercussions for the decision. Taking the bull by the horns, Louise finally makes her choice but refuses to let on which eligible bachelor has been successful and won the privilege of her company for the evening.

While Suzanne is frantically preparing for Auntie Pat’s big New Year knees-up, heartbroken Hannah breaks down and admits to her mum that she slept with John-Paul and now he’s dumped her. Suzanne lets Hannah stay home for the evening, but Hannah can’t get her mind off John-Paul’s admission that he fancies Sarah. She turns to food for comfort and embarks on a marathon eating binge, seeing in 2007 alone and desperate.

Also, Sonny is relieved when Warren offers to take some of the dodgy gear off his hands.