Calvin grows increasingly concerned about his missing warrant card, but is relieved when Warren returns it. Meanwhile, Justin and Sonny throw their weight around when John-Paul and Craig turn up at The Loft, and start on a drunken Craig. However, they are stunned when John-Paul violently defends his friend, but Craig is bewildered when John-Paul angrily storms off.

Suffering from crabs, Tina books a doctor’s appointment, but her strange secretive behaviour only serves to puzzle Dominic. Later, when Tony witnesses an innocent exchange between Mike and Tina, he jumps to conclusions and tells Dominic that Tina may be having an affair with Mike.

With Dominic also suffering from crabs, Tony’s news leads him to acknowledge that Tina is cheating on him.

Zak is gutted that he missed out on last night’s snog between Jessica and Zoe, and Zoe feels bad about her reaction to the kiss and tells Will she’s decided to be less boring. Elsewhere, Kris winds up Jessica about the kiss, but despite their bickering, Kris and Jessica begin to ponder their true feelings for each other…

Also, Tony is concerned for Becca and Charlie’s welfare when he drops by to visit her.