John Paul gets knocked out by Pete!

Myra and Sally are locked in a war of words about John Paul, with Scott stuck in the middle. Meanwhile, Cleo’s decided to run away with Pete – but when Holly finds the travel tickets and passports and shuts them in her locker, Pete orders Cleo to get them back.

Nathan witnesses this conversation and races to the school to warn Holly. When they get to Holly’s locker, Cleo’s already prised it open. Cleo runs to Pete’s van with Holly, Nathan and John Paul in hot pursuit. John Paul goes for Pete, who punches him to the floor. At that moment, Sally screams: “Get off my son!” – her secret is out!

Also, in light of recent events, Joe and Mercedes stand united. Mercedes talks Freddie into seeing his new baby daughter and they bring her home. But, back at the Roscoes’, it seems Freddie’s not ready to take on the responsibility of being a dad.