John-Paul and Craig are the laughing stock of the whole school with everyone convinced that Craig is also gay. Fed up, Craig begins to resent John-Paul, but John-Paul starts holding his head up high after a pep talk from the newly-released Jacqui. After a clash with Sonny, John-Paul admits to his classmates that he’s gay and challenges anyone to take it up with him if they have a problem.

Meanwhile, with Sarah still not speaking to him, Craig’s fury at John-Paul boils over on the five-a-side pitch.

Elsewhere, Jacqui tracks Justin down at The Loft where he annoys her with his spiteful comments about John-Paul’s homosexuality. She decides to take the opportunity to remind him of all the trouble he’s caused Becca.

Jake and Nancy take baby Charlie to see Becca in prison, but they’re concerned when she doesn’t show up. However, her dodgy cellmate Fran, does put in an appearance leading them to worry even more.

Meanwhile, Becca burns all her pictures of Charlie to try and ease the pain of their separation. And with Fran’s threats starting to get more serious, Becca tries to stand up for herself, as Fran decides to make her life inside a living hell.
* Screened on TV3, Friday 9th March *