John-Paul is blamed for Hannah’s illness

Sarah and Nancy question how they missed the signs of Hannah’s eating disorder and make John-Paul feel guilty when they blame her anorexia on his break-up with her. John-Paul struggles with this accusation and finds it even more difficult to cope with the fact that Craig is comforting Sarah rather than being with him.

Meanwhile, Nancy is shocked when she discovers Sarah and Craig are engaged and is puzzled why they’ve kept it secret. Sarah tries to persuade Craig to tell people, but he refuses. But Nancy is undeterred and tells Sarah that they need something to celebrate.

As the fact sinks in that they have a half brother and sister, Calvin and Sasha lose patience with Leo, and make it clear that they hold him responsible for the mess. Leo’s explanation only ends up leaving Sasha bewildered and Calvin with the impression that his father is unprincipled and deceitful.

Hannah is determined to sort herself out, and she and Rhys head into the village where they bump into John-Paul, who guiltily admits he feels responsible for her anorexia.

Louise is shocked when Warren announces he wants to buy The Loft, but he insists he wants to do things properly and build a legitimate business.