A distracted Niall arrives at Steph’s only to receive a frantic call from John Paul, informing him of Kieron’s apparent suicide. Niall finds John Paul devastated and adamant that Kieron would never take his own life. Meanwhile, Niall and Myra discuss Kieron’s suicide and she asks him if Kieron ever mentioned anything about some information he was checking out for her.

Niall questions her, but Myra quickly changes the subject. Feeling even more guilty when Craig arrives, John Paul forces him to leave. Curious, Myra is disgusted to learn that John Paul cheated on Kieron with Craig. John Paul returns to the flat where he tells Craig they’re over – this time for good.

Kris and Mercedes are both furious to discover that Malachy has seemingly disappeared without trace. Later, at The Loft, a drunken Malachy appears and Nancy takes him back to her flat to sober up. A rambling and incoherent Malachy then discloses he’s HIV positive before passing out. Meanwhile, in an attempt to get back at Malachy, Mercedes and Kris concoct a plan of revenge as they spend the night together…

Also, Tony can’t stop Jacqui’s plans to take over the running of Washed Up, and she and Mike soon come to blows.

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