Despite John-Paul trying to avoid Kieron after their illicit kiss at the fashion show, Kieron catches up with him at the McQueens. John-Paul is surprised at how calm Kieron is as he insists on proving that not all priests are uptight or prudish with an impromptu game of truth or dare. When Kieron dares him to buy beer from Drive ‘N’ Buy wearing just his boxers, John-Paul agrees to the challenge…

Warren is determined to prove he is serious about going straight after learning Louise has packed her bags and is leaving him. He returns to the hospital and hands the Osbournes the keys to The Dog, but will it be enough to convince Louise he’s on the straight and narrow?

OB still feels like a third wheel in the flat with Max and Steph needing time alone. Preoccupied, he goes to the cemetery and places flowers on Mel Burton’s grave before heading back, having made up his mind whether to stay or leave the village.

Also, shocked by the news that there was a siege in the village, Justin apologises to Katy for not being there for her.

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