Bitter John-Paul tells Craig to stay away from him. So he feels uncomfortable when an oblivious Sarah asks him to join her and Craig in Il Gnosh. And when a loved-up Craig and Sarah start kissing, John-Paul makes a nasty comment about Craig, which is luckily lost on Sarah.

Later, Craig turns up at the McQueen’s, angry with John-Paul for his earlier behaviour. But John-Paul demands Craig stay away from him, otherwise he’ll tell Sarah about their secret past.

As the Ashworth’s face up to Noel’s revelation, Josh and Hannah treat Suzanne like a stranger, while Rhys is in denial and tries to throw Noel out when he turns up. A dignified Neville says he needs to talk to his brother, but when Noel refuses to fill him in, Neville asks Suzanne to reveal all about their sordid past.

Unable to cope with the family crisis, Josh and Hannah leave the house and find an emotional Rhys in the village. The trio return to the house only to find Noel, Neville and Suzanne still arguing. Neville ends up lunging at Noel, then Rhys tells Neville he’s glad he isn’t his dad.

*Screened on TV3, Monday July 9*