As John Paul struggles to come to terms with the trauma he was faced with he shakily leaves the school after being raped. He goes straight to the police station, but desperately wants to go home instead. At the station, John Paul is still waiting to be seen when Sam notices him and tells the desk sergeant she’ll speak to him – she’s the last person he wants to tell.

Sam is sympathetic to his obvious fear and he bravely tells her that he was raped. He allows Sam to take him to the sexual assault referral centre and asks her if she’ll stay with him. Kelly, the crisis worker at the centre, welcomes John Paul and makes him feel at ease. She explains the process of doing some tests, but while the doctor is examining him, John Paul panics and needs to get out of there. Sam takes him home, but in the back of the police car, John Paul catches sight of Robbie and Finn in the village. Finn spots his victim and instantly panics about why the teacher is in the police car…

Finn desperately tries to get rid of the evidence of last night. Robbie remains blissfully unaware of what his friend has done.

Meanwhile, Danny and Ste rekindle their father-son relationship,