After intense prompting from Kieron, John Paul finally plucks up the courage to tell Myra he’s getting married. Myra is stunned and insists she won’t let it happen. But a stubborn John Paul is adamant they’re getting married whether she likes it or not. Kieron goes to see Myra alone, hoping to appease her, and later, both John Paul and Kieron are amazed when Myra tells them she’s changed her mind and she’ll do what she can to support their marriage.

Darren despairs when Frankie insists she’s washing her hands of his increasing debt crisis. Cindy engineers a date with Darren, but is deflated when Darren reveals that Jack hasn’t left him any money, and she has to pick the bill up herself. Later, when he overhears Darren and Frankie arguing about Jack, Newt is convinced they’re talking about him and starts feeling uneasy.

Niall’s attempts to woo Steph with a lunch date go drastically wrong when Cindy accuses Steph of sleeping with the enemy. A fight breaks out leaving Niall having to separate Steph and Cindy, but his plans for lunch are ruined.

Also, as they wake up together, both Mercedes and Malachy insist that last night was a one-off and neither of them wants a relationship.

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