Sam encourages John Paul to go for counselling and he makes a breakthrough when he finally admits he feels broken. Later, he bumps into Patrick, who asks him to go on an over-night trip with some of the students, including Robbie and Finn. John Paul agrees and feels more in control than he was before.

Nancy encourages Darren to ask Leela on a date when Tegan reveals her sister fancies him. Nancy and Darren are bickering in the village and don’t realise Charlie has wondered off. They hear his cry for help and look up, alarmed that he’s got his head stuck in the railings. Firefighter Leela comes to the rescue and, with Nancy’s approval, Darren asks Leela out for some thank you drinks.

Lindsey goes to Sean’s office and breaks in. Freddie tracks her down and drops a bombshell that stops her in her tracks. With nowhere else to turn, Lindsey decides to have an abortion. Sinead bumps into Lindsey, who tells her about the abortion. Sinead tells Sandy and Freddie that Lindsey has had a miscarriage but when Freddie feels guilty, Sinead tells him the truth.

Leela takes Darren to a strip-club, where she says her friend works, and asks Ste to come too – hardly a date!