After hearing about Max’s death, John-Paul visits Myra in an attempt to reconcile. Momentarily forgetting their feud over Kieron, the two make up, before Myra remembers her son’s betrayal and delivers him an ultimatum: he must never see Kieron again or risk losing his mother forever. What will John-Paul decide?

While Steph, Tom and OB struggle to deal with Max’s death, Niall is arrested and taken to the police station. Niall is released without charge and tries to explain to Steph that it was all a terrible accident. A distraught Steph wastes no time in telling Niall exactly who she blames for Max’s fate.

OB breaks the news of Max’s death to the wedding reception at The Dog. Everyone is devastated and Cindy is completely shell-shocked. As the night wears on, Tony makes Niall his scapegoat for the tragedy. Later, Darren, Jack and OB are forced to make Tony face up to Max’s death and grieve properly.

At home, John-Paul and Kieron try to console a grieving Niall but he ends up laying into them for their affair. Feeling the need to explain himself to Steph, Niall tries to find her. Kieron follows Niall, but fails to persuade him to come home.

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