John-Paul tries to win his man

Kris encourages John-Paul to tell Kieron how he feels, but John-Paul is unsure that Kieron feels the same way. John-Paul ends up finding the courage to lay his heart on the line, leaving Kieron stunned. But when John-Paul tells him that everyone will have to accept the fact Kieron is a priest, Kieron gets angry at John-Paul’s selfish attitude, accusing him of not thinking of his family or vocation. As Kieron heads to Church, John-Paul makes a last ditch attempt to prove how much he loves him. Finding the temptation too much to resist, Kieron admits he feels the same way and is finally willing to take the risk.

Jack is angry when he discovers Newt has been skiving school with Lauren, and Lauren jokes that Jack might send Newt back to the foster home. Newt gets distressed at the thought, and insists that Jack would never do that. Later, Eli tells Newt he’ll never fit in with his new family, and convinces him to teach Steph a lesson by damaging her portfolio.

Also, Amy has a hard time at school, with even Newt and Lauren being nasty towards her. Even Russ insists he can’t protect her any more, prompting her to flee the school in tears.

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