John Paul’s confession to Ste is overheard

John Paul and Danny lock Ste in his room but Ste escapes out of the window. John Paul finds Ste in the alley after buying more drugs. He tells him his shocking revelation about hiding the gun for him but they’ve been heard… They go to where John Paul buried the gun, but someone’s beaten them to it.

Nana turns up at The Loft but, when Grace collapses in pain, Nana and Sandy wonder whether to leave her there. Sandy tends to Grace’s gun-shot wound and is astounded when she learns that Freddie and Mercedes are to blame. Mercedes is stunned when she finds Nana at Grace’s flat but it’s clear Nana’s being nice so they can get their house back.

Sinead is brought to tears when Tony talks about how he felt after Grace’s death and rushes out of the counseling session desperate to stop Diane seeing that video. Sinead is face to face with Diane when she notices the phone on the kitchen top.

Sinead manages to delete the message in time. She tells Tony they can never sleep together again, but it’s clear she’s really falling for him.