Gina wants John to come clean to April and Xavier but John isn’t ready to let them off the hook just yet. He agrees to tell the kids the next day. He’s feeling guilty about lying to Xavier, especially when Xavier wants to make things work at home with John.

When Xavier and April accidentally find out John’s been lying, Xavier is hurt. He felt he and John were becoming friends. John tries to explain himself to Xavier, but he’s not interested. As Xavier walks away, John falls to the ground with a heart attack.

Indi’s distraught over her break-up with Romeo and nothing Dex says is cheering her up. Romeo has been doing a lot of thinking. He goes to see Indi and apologises for their argument. He is finally able to tell her that he loves her too.

Bianca is horrified to discover Liam saw her kissing Vittorio. Liam is angry and hurt – Bianca led him on and then kissed her ex. Bianca doesn’t know what feels worse – that she kissed Vittorio or that she broke Liam’s heart. And can she trust Vittorio again? Liam makes a snap decision – he’s leaving the Bay. Bianca goes to stop him but she’s too late.

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