Fiz is frosty with John after his suggestion to steal Colin’s identity, claiming she won’t help him commit a crime that could land him back in prison. But John’s prepared to take a risk if it leads him back to teaching, and when he finds an advert for the perfect job he arranges an interview. Back at home Fiz can see he’s up to something and demands that he tells her what’s going on.

Sophie’s a whirlwind of emotions after her kiss with Sian and needing to talk about what’s happened between them she calls her. Eventually Sian answers and arranges to meet at her dad’s later. But when Sophie then hears Sian’s gone back to her mum’s early she’s confused. Feeling emotional she grabs enough cash, sneaks past Kevin and heads off for Southport to find out what’s going on.

Steve and Becky get a shock as they nervously attend the Introduction to Adoption meeting. But they get a shock when the Windasses walk in behind them.

Also, Molly’s still urging Tyrone to keep their baby news quiet, but she’s thrown when Kevin claims he’s fine with all the baby talk.

*Second episode, 8.30pm*

John’s decision threatens the Stapes’ marriage. Fiz is horrified as John tells her he’s applied for a job using Colin’s name, and asks him whether their marriage means anything to him. But as the day goes on and Fiz talks to Ken and Deirdre about ambition her opinion is swayed. Realising how much teaching means to John she agrees to go along with his plan. But as an ecstatic John discusses the practicalities of using Coin’s ID, Fiz wonders if she’s making a big mistake.

Sian’s angry when Sophie turns up on her doorstep without any warning, but as Sophie begs her to talk Sian relents and lets her in.

Sophie wants to know why Sian ran off, but she’s cold saying the kiss meant nothing to her. Sophie admits she loves Sian, but Sian slaps her insisting she’s not a lesbian and she hates Sophie for doing this. A tearful Sophie returns to the street heartbroken.

Also, the McDonalds and Windasses are both looking to adopt. And as the adoption meeting begins Anna tells Becky she’s looking to fill her empty nest. But she then makes a dig about Becky and Steve living in a pub, leaving Becky insecure about her decision.

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