Sticking his tongue down Eve’s throat scuppered farmer John’s chances of winning Husband of the Year (not that he was ever really in the running, what with all the lazing around the pub and kitchen while Moira does all the work). He quite fancies himself as a cool dad, but he won’t be getting a rosette for Father of the Year, either. Having believed Holly has become a good girl, John turns on his daughter when drugs go missing from vet Rhona’s case. Convinced she’s still a lying, cheating, thieving druggie, John searches Holly’s room but comes up with nothing. That doesn’t mean she’s innocent, though.

Natasha is definitely being bad – and loving every minute of it. She’s stealing time with her business partner/lover, while nasty Nathan thinks he has scared her into staying away from him.
Natasha’s not the only one playing with Declan, either. Charity’s very friendly with him and doesn’t bother to hide it – but that’s because she knows Cain hates it.

Adele’s also in a flirty mood and hopes she has Andy hooked. But when Lisa tells her how handy Andy has been with his fists in the past, Adele considers fishing in a different gene pool.

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