John struggles to comfort Jett

Bianca asks for John and Jett’s blessing to take Gina’s old job. On Bianca’s advice, Marilyn visits John and is concerned by how overwhelmed he is. The school community is struggling with the loss of Gina, so Zac takes his class outside play soccer but Bianca orders them back into school. Casey overhears Alf and John talking about their loss and tells John that Jett’s is going to be OK, and offers his help. Later, Jett walks in on Bianca packing up Gina’s stuff and orders her to get out. John comes to get Jett, and his grief allows John to comfort his son.

When Tamara refers to Bianca as ‘practically her sister in law’ Casey is perturbed. Tamara cautions Casey to stop thinking about others so much and think about their future together.

Nat warns that, without any concrete evidence, Mullens might not get charged. Sid still urges Bella to make a statement, as it may be important later. Rosie faces more bullying from Mullens’ mates, and Sasha notices one boy in particular is paying attention to Rosie.

Bella makes a statement, but after a call from the police, Bella informs the girls that there are no charges being laid against Mullens. Disheartened, Sasha snaps at Mullens’ friend from earlier.