John takes hostages!

Katy waits for news from Chesney, still struggling to believe John’s story that he’s walked out on her. She questions John about exactly what Ches said before he ran off ,but it still makes no sense. Owen’s delighted, revealing he’s booked her an appointment at an abortion clinic. Meanwhile, in the Hoyles’ basement an eerily calm John cares for his captives.

Kevin and Tyrone continue to row over the lift and Tommy’s presence at the garage. Left alone Tyrone looks at Kevin’s precious lift before whacking it with a spanner. Regretting breaking the lift he quickly fixes it before heading to the pub to drown his sorrows with Tommy. Meanwhile, Kevin works in the garage under an elevated car like a kid with a new toy, but when the lift suddenly buckles Kevin’s in danger.

David wants Kylie to arrange for them to have Max at the weekend, but Kylie comes up with reasons not to, determined to throw him off the scent. But when David spots Steve snap at Max, he’s given more ammunition.

Also, Sally arrives back from Paris, but is romance still in the air for her and Jeff? Xin looks into job opportunities away from Weatherfield; Audrey plays confidant to Marc.

*Second Episode, 8.30pm*

Trapped under the car in agony, Kevin screams for help. Tyrone and Tommy find him and as Tommy calls an ambulance, Tyrone uses a jack to free Kevin. He’s rushed to hospital with Sally by his side, while Tyrone fears it’s all his fault. Meanwhile, Jeff has a special night planned for Sally, but as he waits at the bistro, a ring box on the table, it looks like Sally is a no-show.

When Max runs into the road it’s David who plucks him to safety, before rounding on Steve and Becky. Kylie’s between a rock and hard place, but promises she’ll talk to Becky. Meanwhile, Amy, who witnessed the incident, is desperate to regain Steve’s full attention and insists he read her bedtime story. But when Steve explains he can’t Amy resorts to desperate measures.

Owen continues to push Katy towards an abortion, while John admits he has more bad news for Fiz – Colin Fishwick is back in the country and unless they want to both go down for fraud they must leave town.

Also, Tina‘s not happy when Graeme gets Xin a trial at the bistro – she’s supposed to be moving out, not getting a job over the road.

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