Rosie tells the estate agent she’ll meet the prospective buyer at the flat. Meanwhile, in court Rita testifies and Ches does his best for his sister, but the prosecution are quick to find flaws in his testimony.

Back at the flat Rosie’s horrified to find herself face to face with a familiar face, John Stape! He binds and gags Rosie explaining he needs her to attend Fiz’s trial and put forward his version of events so Fiz gets off. In court Fiz takes the stand, protesting her innocence and blaming John for the murders. Back at the flat John schools Rosie in the details of the deaths of Colin, Charlotte and Joy, telling a terrified Rosie that if she wants to leave the flat alive she’d better concentrate on doing her bit in court tomorrow.

The Websters are stunned and it’s clear the news hasn’t gone down well when Sophie announces she and Sian are engaged. Pointing out her age they refuse to give their permission. But it seems the girls are prepared to wait till they’re 18.

Also, Chris gets carried away with his lie and persuades Cheryl that he needs to attend his hospital appointment alone. He’s told that his tumour has shrunk and he should make a full recovery.