Johnny attacks Ric

While Matilda and Ric continue to enjoy their reconciliation, Jack interrupts to inform them that he believes Johnny is still in town and that both Ric and Sally remain in danger. The couple take no notice and head towards the bedroom, totally unaware that just next door Johnny has been listening in, and is preparing to attack.

After being given just a single day to bring Sally to Johnny, Sam is forced to decide whether she is willing to protect herself at the expense of Sally’s life. But the decision is taken away from her when she returns to the house to find Johnny has tied up both Matilda and Jazz, and Ric is quite literally, fighting for his life. In terror, Sam clubs Johnny over the head with a cricket bat.

Bartlett visits Sally in hospital to tell her that, in her absence, he has been made acting principal. He then reveals that following the sand-throwing incident after Dan’s memorial, he plans to put the entire school on Saturday detention. Sally disagrees with his harsh methods, warning that it will only make things worse, but Bartlett won’t listen.

Also, Cassie is shocked when Henk suddenly arrives on her doorstep.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday April 10*

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