Gemma finds a cheque for £80k from the factory insurers in Johnny’s flat and tells Beth, Sinead and Aidan that Johnny’s had the insurance money through for the factory. As Johnny and Jenny sit down to dinner in the bistro, they’re confronted by Beth and Izzy demanding to know when the factory will reopen but they’re all shocked when Johnny reveals his plans to retire and move to Spain.

Following her diagnosis Rita is desperate to return to her own home. When Todd and Adam hit upon a plan to make Colin pull out of the sale of Rita’s flat Aidan realises they have not been acting strictly within the law and tells Billy about Todd’s less than ethical behaviour.

Moira calls in the Kabin and is instantly attracted to Colin. Adam pays Colin a visit and explains that Rita has changed her mind over her flat. Colin insists it’s too late as it’s a done deal and Moira’s impressed by his attitude.

Seb moves into No.4 and when Sally shows him round she confesses that she phoned social services as she was concerned for his welfare. Seb accepts that if anyone’s to blame it’s his useless mother.

First episode of evening.