When an abandoned car is found in the bush, Jack learns that the guy who reported it missing has links to Johnny Cooper. Meanwhile, Johnny lurks in the darkness of the caravan park…

After getting out of hospital, Dom goes to Roman and asks him for a job, informing him that Belle will give him a good reference. After speaking to Belle, Roman hires Dom. Drew can’t believe Belle put in a good word for Dom, and she realises Drew is feeling jealous, and says he’ll have to work harder to keep her.

Later, Dom ridicules Drew for being back at school while his girlfriend is working, causing Drew’s blood to boil. Roman tells Dom he feels bad that he can’t offer him more shifts, but has found a great job going in a city restaurant. However, aware that a job in the city means being away from Belle, Dom isn’t keen.

Tony, Jack and Lucas bond as a family before Lucas moves away to college. Meanwhile, It seems that Tony is growing a little more attractive in Rachel’s eyes. Later, Lucas spends his last night in the Bay having farewell drinks.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday March 20*

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