Johnny gets a disturbing email

Johnny receives an email, which leaves him reeling and after he confides in Liz, she advises he come clean to his family. Carla’s about to set off for an evening out with Roy when Johnny ambushes her and insisting they have to talk, drags her back to his flat.

Having spent the night at No 5, Tracy visits Rob in prison and tears a strip off him for his handling of Robert. But as she assures Rob that she wants to be with him and Robert is history, he reveals his true colours.

Ken’s thrown when he receives a letter addressed to Ken and Deirdre Barlow. Putting it to one side, Ken sets off on his first bike ride with Nessa.

While Fiz excitedly discusses her wedding plans with Billy, Tyrone does his best to hide his anxiety. Norris refuses to give Emily the password to his computer so she can email Spider in Peru. As Aidan announces the ping-pong team, Carla asks Sally to keep an eye on him and make sure O’Driscolls win and sign the deal.