* First episode*

Jay talks Ben into having a house party for his birthday and after it kicks off, things go well. There’s a surprise turn of events when Abi teases Johnny that he’s got a crush on Ben! Despite Abi’s attempt to matchmake the pair, Johnny and Ben insist that they don’t fancy each other. Are they telling the truth?

A competitive Kim gets together a team for the quiz night at the Vic and is frustrated when Denise refuses to join in. After bumping into Kush, however, Denise agrees to go for a drink at The Vic. When they arrive, Denise and Kush soon find themselves dragged into joining Kim’s team. In what turns out to be a fun evening, at the end of the night, Kush walks home Denise.

Also, Max takes some wise words from Stacey to heart, telling Lauren that he wants to get to know Steven better.