Johnny has just one more day in Walford and is distressed to realise the family are still at war. After talking to Nancy, Johnny apologises to Mick for what he said to him. After the two make up, Johnny comes up with an idea to bring the family back together. Getting them all to the pool, Johnny reveals they’re taking Ollie for his first swim. Johnny’s plan works and Nancy and Mick bond, putting the past behind them. Johnny decides to stay in Walford, but as he’s about to rip up his ticket, Nancy says she wants it…

Martin tries to think of a way to solve his money problems, asking Ian if they can sell more varied things on the stall. Talking to Ian, Martin makes a few suggestions about Beale’s, but is upset to learn that Ian’s sold it to a chain supermarket. After asking Kyle to arrange his stag do, Martin has food for thought when Kyle suggests Martin is honest with Stacey about his money troubles.

Ben is out to impress Paul, telling him he’s taking him to a hotel for the night. When Paul’s not keen, Ben instead surprises him with a romantic meal outside Beale’s. Meanwhile, Jay plans a night out with Linzi.