Johnny loses it with Linda!

After bullying Johnny into inviting Whitney for dinner, an in-denial Linda is delighted, thinking she’s encouraged them to get together. When Whitney arrives, she admits to Johnny that she lied to Bianca that they slept together after the mix up over a pregnancy test, which might have given Linda the wrong idea. Realising there’s only one way Linda will believe Johnny is gay, Whitney tells Johnny he needs a boyfriend.

Terry feels guilty for insisting that Nikki leave the Square as soon as possible. Learning Nikki is due to fly to Mexico, Terry asks her to have a last dinner with the family, annoying Bianca. Although David didn’t sleep with Nikki as they were interrupted by a call from Liam to pick him and Carol up from the hospital, Nikki continues to flirt with David. When David is nominated to drive Nikki to the airport, Nikki seductively offers David a way out for good.

Masood’s out of control behaviour is really worrying Tamwar, who calls on Shabnam to help. When Shabnam arrives and finds out what Masood’s been up to she’s horrified. Meanwhile, at Carol’s, a drunk Masood is devastated to learn she has cancer. Upset she didn’t trust him to support her, Masood breaks down, forcing Carol to comfort him.