Sam is horrified to discover Johnny lurking near a sleeping Matilda and Sam warns him to lay low or their plans will be ruined. She tells Johnny there’s no point him staying in town – Sally will be out of hospital in a couple of days and Pippa is taking her to the city until he’s caught. Johnny insists he’s not going anywhere as he’s got two days to get to Sally in hospital and wants Sam to help.

Sam tries to reason with Johnny, but Johnny is insistent, and holds her in a grip, saying it’s time he taught her a lesson. Later, a beaten Sam returns to the house, realising Johnny will attack her again or hurt her son unless she gives into his demands to help him get to Sally. It seems she has no choice.

After hearing the devastating news about Dan’s death, Sally insists on seeing Leah and finds her numb with grief. Leah blames herself for Dan’s death, thinking that her misfortunes are due to her marrying Dan when Vinnie was still alive. Sally tells Leah about her near-death experience with Tom and her belief that Dan had to die if she was to live, leaving Leah stunned.

*Showing on RTE One, Thursday April 3*

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