John’s double life starts to unravel

John hasn’t told Fiz about Charlotte so naturally he panics when she turns up on the street claiming she has news. Things go from bad to worse for John when Charlotte drops a bombshell, Colin Fishwick is coming home! Meanwhile, Fiz is becoming increasingly suspicious when she spots John with Charlotte and she demands to know what’s going on – Charlotte tells her she knows all about their scam and a row ensues between the girls with John stuck in the middle.

Tina’s a wreck and admits to Jason that while getting back with him seemed like the right thing to do at the time, she’s unsure of what she wants now. He’s left gutted as a guilty Tina tells him it’s all over again. Presuming Tina just needs some space Jason begs for another chance and tries to talk her round.

Paul finally signs off the full order and Nick thanks the factory girls for all their hard work. He’s finally in control and is in his element. Meanwhile, Peter apologises to Leanne, admitting he was jealous, but she doesn’t know if he can give him another chance.

Also, Lloyd continues to avoid Cheryl, and she tells Leanne she’s in a big mess.

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