John’s fired up

John and Roo work overtime to promote the Carnival. A newspaper photo of old rival and President of Wilson’s Bay Surf Club, Gary O’Connor, has reignited John’s competitive streak. He uses his Twitter account to tell the world how Gary cheated in the 1975 Surfing Carnival, but Roo has to cancel the account when John’s tweets become offensive, sexist or just plain confusing. In reaction to the tweets, Gary swings by the Surf Club declaring war on John Palmer and the Summer Bay team!

Leah is stunned that she just kissed Miles! She tries to put it down to being a bit drunk but Miles has other ideas. He feels they have a window of opportunity to make something happen. Meanwhile, Elijah decides to win Leah back, sending her flowers – unfortunately via Miles. Not wanting to be outdone, Miles gives Leah an even bigger bouquet. Leah is torn.

Xavier feels optimistic about winning the surf carnival when John reveals he put twenty dollars on Xavier to win, but this is short lived when he overhears John putting a hundred dollars on a rival. Xavier feels more and more like a loser – he’ll never win and thus never win back Miranda. But Dex encourages Xavier to prove everyone wrong.

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