John’s lies spiral out of control

John‘s lies spiral out of control when he desperately pretends to be a salesman at the furniture store, and shows the Windasses around. But when he gets hassled for help by another customer he realises he can’t carry on and snaps. As the manager heads over it suddenly dawns on John that the game might be up. Ches is suspicious too when an angry Luke, Charlotte’s husband, turns up at the house demanding to speak to Colin Fishwick.

Carla rules the roost again as Nick feels dejected. He hasn’t turned up at Turner’s and tries to deal with the work crisis. The girls are stunned when a triumphant Carla walks in to the factory announcing she’s the boss and they’re working for Underworld again. Meanwhile, Nick’s keen to talk to Leanne, but she’s not sure she can face him after his declaration of love.

Tina‘s confused when Graeme dumps her, but he’s still feeling insecure about his relationship with her and when he spots her talking to Jason he tells her it’s over. Tina was just telling Jason that she would like to stay friends, and stunned she tries to talk Graeme round.

Also, Claudia attempts to warn Audrey off Lewis; Sally celebrates her birthday.

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