John’s released from prison

John’s released from prison and meets an emotional Fiz who has been waiting a long time for this day. After she collects him they decide to go for a picnic to savour his new found freedom and spend some time together. But the day soon turns sour when they arrive back on the street. Sally’s furious when she spots John going to carry his new wife across the threshold and storms over branding John a paedophile. Kevin tries to calm the situation but as Fiz and John settle down for their first married night together Sally sets off to no.5, a woman on a mission.

Roy admits to Hayley that he went for a walk in the middle of the night, just to clear his mind and think about what he needs to do. Hayley urges him to stop obsessing over Tony. Roy assures her he will try his best.

Joe buys Gail a cheap engagement ring and she’s thrilled, pointing out they’ll now have more money to spend on the wedding. Joe quietly panics, knowing he’s in it up to his neck.

Also; Molly tells Kevin she’s fed up of pretending there’s nothing between them and that if he really cares about her he’ll leave Sally, leaving Kevin stunned.

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