John’s torn between Gina and Jill

John tells Jill he’s in love with Gina. He thinks it’s best if she stops staying the night at his place. She should be with her son, working on that relationship.

Romeo defends Xavier after their fight but Xavier is still on the attack and Liam puts them both on detention. Ruby reaches out to Xavier, but he shuts her out. Later, during detention, Romeo apologises again, but Xavier isn’t interested.

Tony is surprised when Rachel is positive about his boxing classes. She says it’s about time women were offered more fitness options than just aerobics. Tony tells a surly Xavier he can help deliver boxing leaflets to work off his negative energy. Xavier whinges, until April shows up. She sees the flyers and is excited. She reckons it’s a pity Xavier doesn’t box – if he did, she’d join.

Penn charms Nicole into having breakfast with him. The morning gets away from her and she eventually gets to school. Ruby informs her that she missed an exam that was worth ten per cent of her HSC mark. She’s angry with herself, but cheers up later when Penn tells her there’s still another ninety per cent up for grabs. He kisses her and leaves.

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