John’s worried about his medical

John is reluctant to attend his check-up with Sid as he’s worried about what a medical check will find. If it’s bad news it may not only scupper their chances of adopting Jett but could even make the childcare services think again about letting them foster him. Finally he decides that it’s probably best to drop the adoption application rather than risk losing Jett completely. Jett, meanwhile, feels responsible for John’s heart problems because of all the stress he’s caused him and, even though Gina tries to reassure him it isn’t the case, Jett isn’t convinced.

Brax realises something’s going on between Kyle and Tamara and decides to eavesdrop. When Tamara confronts Kyle for kissing her and Kyle still insists she has feelings for him, Brax suddenly appears and confronts his half-brother. He warns him to stay away from Tamara but Kyle’s not sure he can, so Brax kicks him out to live in a caravan until he can behave like a Braxton. Tamara tells Casey about the kiss but pleads with him not to do anything stupid.

Also, April tries to get Indi to open up to her about how she’s feeling, with some success. Later, Casey tells Indi it’s better to let the people you love hate you rather than let them see you suffering and Indi appreciates his honesty.