After hearing of Annie and Geoff’s suspicions, Irene is horrified to visit the farm and discover that Michael is in fact Jonah. Irene makes it clear that if Jonah goes anywhere near Annie or any other kid, or tries to start up the Believers again, she’ll have him run out of town. Concerned, she tries to warn Bruce that ‘Michael’ is not to be trusted, but the old man won’t listen. Her frustration increases when Jack and Fitzgerald tell her that there’s nothing they can do to stop Jonah living in the area.

Although Jack is busy getting everything ready for his and Sam’s engagement party, he is still preoccupied by his kiss with Martha. However, he later puts his doubts aside to make a speech about his love for Sam at the party.

Meanwhile, a strange girl Tam, turns up at the party with a story about having lived there years ago. Rory lets her in but is in trouble when it’s later discovered Tam has stolen Jack’s watch and a few other items. Luckily, Rory and Jack spot Tam fleeing from a car, and discover the stolen stuff stashed away in the vehicle. But Jack is puzzled to find Tam had also stolen a photo of Rachel.