Having run out of petrol, Martha is shocked to come face to face with Jonah on a deserted country road. Locking her car, she threatens to call the police and Jonah leaves. Feeling thoroughly shaken, Martha calls Jack for help. Determined to forget about Martha, Jack ignores her call but he then catches Jonah spying on Martha up the road.

Back at the Diner, Alf, Irene and Martha are shocked when Jack brings Jonah in. He explains he’s only back in town to sell Mamma Rose’s farm, having been out of jail a few weeks. Jonah tries to explain his past actions to Martha but she refuses to listen. But later, he grabs her in the car park and desperately tries to persuade her to hear what he’s got to say.

Worried Annie tries to persuade Geoff to visit Bruce at the farm, but Geoff refuses. But when Bruce ends up in hospital after collapsing, Annie takes matters in her own hands and visits him. Things go well until Geoff turns up and offers to return to the farm providing Bruce apologises and lets the kids go to school. But Bruce makes it clear he won’t forgive the kids for leaving the farm and introduces them to his new farmhand Michael – aka Jonah!