Jonny and Bonnie announce their engagement!

Jonny proposed to girlfriend Bonnie in a moment of panic when he feared she was going to leave him. And, this week, news of their engagement soon gets around Holby. Unable to contain her excitement, Bonnie immediately tells Mo their exciting news, asking her if she’ll be Jonny’s ‘best man’. But when Mo inadvertently sends a text to Jac about arrangements for a stag do, Jac realises it’s Jonny who’s getting married.

Jonny feels guilty that the mother of his daughter, Emma, has found out like this. But Jac insists it’s none of her business what he does then, later, she congratulates Bonnie. Jonny’s unconvinced, however, about how civilised the normally acid-tongued Jac’s being and, later, demands to know if she has a problem with the wedding. But is it actually Jonny who’s got the problem?

Meanwhile, Guy is pulled up before the board after Zosia backs a patient’s complaint against him. It seems Guy is more worried about protecting Zosia’s career than his own – but when Zosia begins to crumble, the last person she wants help from is her father. Guy, however, is the only one who can give her the answers she truly craves. Are either of them ready to handle to truth? 

Also, Ric’s in trouble after covering for daughter Jess by claiming responsibility for David’s accident. As David remembers what happened and vows to play dirty, Ric is pushed to the limit. And as David’s condition worsens, Ric finds himself once again torn between being a surgeon and a father…