Elliot is excited to embark on the first official trial of his new Kibo heart device, with needy patient Julie Kale due to have her operation. But when a major incident creates an influx of emergency patients, Jonny and Elliot are forced to postpone Julie’s surgery.

But when Guy finds out Julie’s op’s been cancelled, he’s furious and tells Elliot the Kibo surgery must be carried out that day, alongside the other emergencies! Annoyed with Guy for continuing to push staff to the limit, Jonny publicly confronts him, suggesting that maybe a patient needs to die for him to realise the damage he’s doing!

Later, an exhausted Jonny is looking after Julie following her op, when he’s called away to help another patient. When tragedy strikes, it looks like Jonny’s words might come back to haunt him…

Meanwhile, Mary-Claire’s night shift gets a little more interesting with the unexpected arrival of a past love. With the prospect of a job in Australia on the horizon, Mary-Claire is hesitant and soon realises why. Can Harry say what she needs to hear to make her stay?

Also, Dominic and Arthur’s expectation of a quiet night proves to be sorely misplaced. The two strive to shine on their own merits – but surely two heads are better than one?