Jonny’s feeling the pressure!

It’s Jonny’s first day as the Clinical Nursing Manager on Darwin but he’s struggling to juggle his new duties. There is some good news, however, when he learns baby Emma can go home today, though Jac clearly has reservations. Later, Jonny needs to prove he can take charge and he and Jac make a formidable team in theatre when they’re forced to save the life of a runaway teen. Can they unite when it comes to parenting?

Meanwhile, Zosia has a newfound bond with her father and, when top transplant surgeon Catherine O’Malley arrives, Guy suggests Zosia assist her. Zosia agrees but becomes troubled by the case when she realises the donor could be giving his kidney under false pretences. Nevertheless, O’Malley insists that Zosia put her feelings to one side and assist with the transplant. Does Guy have anything to do with O’Malley being so persuasive?

Meanwhile, Harry seems unfazed by his reckless actions from last week and instead is more interested in booking a last-minute holiday to Cuba. Raf, however, has other ideas for him…