Jonny’s mother gives her blessing

Jonny’s mother Patricia (played by Vicki Michelle) arrives for a quick visit to give her blessing to her son’s engagement to Paul. She immediately catches Rodney’s roving eye.

Carl returns to the village and tells his brothers that he’s over Grace, but he sneaks out to see her. Grace refuses to let him in to see her at the station, but Carl deliberately gets arrested for being drunk and disorderly to force Grace to see him! Grace is furious with Carl’s ruse but when she visits him in his cell, she melts and the pair have passionate sex. Grace fights her feelings and she plays it cool after their encounter.

Debbie is annoyed when Lexi takes it upon herself to look after the stolen necklace. Meanwhile, Rodney is sure that the girls are behind the theft but he has nothing on them. Debbie manages to get the necklace off Lexi while she’s asleep and Lexi is furious, but Debbie assures Lexi that she’s hidden the necklace in a safe.

Eli makes more threats to Donna and reminds her that she won’t dare bring him down. Donna is furious when Eli later turns up at Tall Trees and announces that he’s moving back in. Marlon promises to get rid of Eli, but Donna wants nothing to do with her husband’s failed life.

Also, Kelly focuses on the wedding to shake off her guilt.