Jono and Bart battle it out!

Jono and Bart are at loggerheads and battle it out on the army assault course.

Dodger and Texas are kissing passionately outside The Dog. Dodger spots Tom staring at them, what’s his problem? Tex suggests he might just need a friend and thinks Dodger’s just the man for the job… Dodger helps him make a toy for Oscar, but when they finish Tom is devastated they won’t be spending time together anymore or that he won’t see his new crush, Texas. Tom gathers together some nearly-dead flowers and a half eaten box of chocolates and leaves them on Texas’s doorstep.

Eoghan decides to leave and offers Cheryl the chance to come with him to Derry and help him run the bar – it’s a tempting offer. Eoghan warns Ste to be careful of Brendan – he’ll never change, while Doug returns just in time to see a moment of sexual tension between Stendan – things haven’t changed. Ste wants to make it up to Doug and offers to hold a memorial for Riley.

Also, Jen suggests Esther should stand for the school’s peer supporter campaign. But when Maddie overhears, she wants in too – Maddie v Esther, what could go wrong?