Jono makes a life changing decision!

Jono and Neil are increasingly frustrated with Bart and his little habit. At the deli, Ste suggests the lads take part in the Army’s free assault course day. The lads all compete against each other, employing dirty tactics to win. Jono has had enough of Bart’s put downs and tries to punch him.

However, he ends up wet and humiliated instead of victorious. Neil is excited about joining the Army, unaware what really lies in store for him. Meanwhile, it’s clear Bart hasn’t quit smoking when Jono witnesses a stealthy exchange between him and a dealer. Spurred on by Bart’s lack of motivation, Jono decides to enroll in the Army and it turns out he’s made for the forces.

Darren is surprised to learn about Dodger and Tom’s closeness and questions his friend, causing Dodger to have a ‘man to man’ chat with his young pal when he next turns up at the lad’s pad, while Ste is determined to prove his commitment to Doug.

Meanwhile, Ruby finds out Esther is standing against Maddie in the Peer Supporter elections – it’s her funeral!