Jordan faces up to reality

Jordan is pulled out of his deep well of denial when he treats a hypochondriac patient in this episode. Ruth comments that she doesn’t know what’s worse, people who obsess about illness or those who ignore the symptoms of something serious. Her words cut close to the bone for the unusually snappy Jordan and prompt him to make an appointment with a neurologist.

Curtis and Alice are full of the joys of spring having secretly rekindled their relationship. But Alice nearly blows their cover when Curtis spills hot coffee on himself and she rushes to help him. Eagle-eyed Tess clocks there’s something going on between them. When Tess catches Alice and Curtis canoodling in one of the ambulances, she’s furious until Curtis reveals he had to break-up with Alice in order to protect her from Tony. Not one to stand in the way of true love, Tess offers the covert couple the use of her flat – so long as there’s no nookie!

Meanwhile, Adam’s fed up of being in cubicles and loses his cool with a heavy smoker who refuses to quit.