Jordan is forced to face reality

Adam is refusing to accept how sick brother Alex is, and Nick Jordan tells him that, if Alex’s prognosis isn’t good, he must support him. When Alex tells Jordan that his surgery was unsuccessful and says he wants to sign an Advance Directive so he can die with dignity, Jordan refuses to help. Alex tells him he doesn’t know what it’s like to live with a degenerative condition, Jordan snaps that he suspects himself to be ill.

After a dressing down from Alex about continuing to treat patients, Jordan returns to the ED and declares he will operate on a patient. As Alex and Adam have a heart to heart, in theatre, complications arise and Jordan panics when he forgets how to solve them – but he’s relieved when Ruth comes to the rescue. Alex tells Jordan he must face up to his condition and, understanding Alex’s plight, Jordan signs the AD.

Meanwhile, Jessica is hopeful she will be reunited with her children as there have been developments with the foreign office. But her world comes crashing down when she receives a call to say that Sean has cleared the money from their accounts, and she realises that she may never see her children again.

Young Sharice is crushed when Zoe reveals that her parents have died, and orders Zoe to leave. When Zoe tells Jessica she has found Sharice a foster home, Jessica asks about the possibility of Zoe fostering Sharice herself. Later, Zoe visits Sharice and tells her she will foster her.