Zoe is stunned this week when boyfriend Jordan makes a shock marriage proposal!

Last week, Jordan wrongly leapt to the conclusion that Zoe was pregnant. He was so excited by the prospect that Zoe felt unable to destroy his happiness, and pretended she really was expecting!

This week, Zoe is determined to get pregnant before Jordan finds out she’s lying – but when he arranges for her to have a private appointment with an obstetrician, she knows her lies will soon be exposed.

Zoe wants to be honest and tells Jordan she can’t pretend any more and breaks off her relationship with him.

Jordan dismisses her outburst as hormones and stuns her by asking her to become Mrs Jordan!

Zoe can’t believe it. She loves Jordan and wants to be with him, but how long can she keep up the pretence of being pregnant? Will he still want to marry her if he finds out there’s no baby?

Lenny and Yuki put their careers on the line this week when they break into Robert’s house to get evidence of his involvement in the Crypto deaths.

But it’s Charlie who has the most shocking day when, after missing Shona’s trial, he is bowled over by a face from his past!