Inspection day arrives this week! Jordan tries to rally the troops but realises it may already be game over when he realises he knows the inspector – and she’s not his biggest fan!

Nothing goes smoothly. First the staff are swamped when multiple casualties flood in from a crush at a concert. And then the inspector, Charlotte, catches Jay pretending to be a doctor to impress his sick grandmother!

Knowing Charlotte doesn’t like him, Jordan decides to sacrifice himself to save the department – if she passes the ED, he’ll resign.

Meanwhile, Ruth realises she still has feelings for Jay, but she thinks it’s too late when she spots him kissing Polly. But little does she know he’s breaking up with the pretty paramedic.

Jordan manages to save the day when he saves a patient’s life in an emergency operation. Charlotte turns a blind eye to his illegal operation and passes the ED. And Jordan decides he’s returning to surgery.

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